Diane V. Radel

After raising my daughters, and my 60th birthday, I started my second act of painting with acrylics on canvas. My inspiration embodies a heightened urgency: to capture the emotion in the exquisite beauty found in moments before they vanish. Coaxing layer upon layer of acrylic paint to depict the synergy of patterns, colors, and intricate textures. Recording the interplay inherent in nature in all its fascinating forms.

My journey has been featured in DFAC Artifacts magazine, Creative Loafing and Chat City Podcast, and I was interviewed about a painting I created for a t-shirt on WKRC “Good Morning Cincinnati.” My artwork can be viewed in September/October, 2019 at Galleria Misto at the Duke Energy Center For The Arts-Mahaffey Theater, where I will be the featured artist. I have exhibited and won awards, in juried and regional shows, and my artwork is in private collections both locally and abroad.

A painting I donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation is the first painting in the entire world  sold to an individual to be PixelStix-enabled, allowing the owner of the painting to have continuous access to the story behind my current series. The video enabled in this painting can be viewed at


Primordial Experience

It is this primordial experience that I’m committing to canvas. Whenever I visit my daughter and grandchildren in Melbourne Beach, we take a midnight turtle stroll across the sands. One night, blanketed by inky darkness, we stood motionless as a mama loggerhead sea turtle began her slow ascent from the water. 

Surely exhausted, she propelled her fins forward. Each movement left intricate traces and swirls in the sands as she followed the call to lay her eggs exactly where she was born. Her tracks represented a journey of hundreds of millions of years. Yet they would be gone by the next day, buffeted by wind, water, and man. 

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the need to document that she was there at this incredible moment. By following and filling in the flipper patterns with abstract colors and textures—and noting the day and time of each track—I wanted to capture both the fragility of life and its resilient connectedness.


Ocean Conservation

This “Turtle Tracks Art Series” is quite personal, and important work. We know that visual messages have far greater impact than words alone. I believe this vibrant series has great potential in a time of 24-hour images and 30-second reactions. I hope that my paintings can generate lasting engagement in ocean conservation efforts and remind us of the universal thread that connects every living thing.  


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