I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1965 and enjoyed the first 21 years of my life in the Big Apple. After high school I found myself employed as a NYC Transit Authority railroad track worker. Working the midnight shift building and repairing railroad tracks in filthy subway tunnels may seem uninspiring, but the detail held a certain odd romanticism to me. A since-healed hand injury ended my career there and while subsequently vacationing in Tampa Bay, I decided to permanently relocate. The last quarter century here has been an interesting journey.Having always dabbled in artwork and drawing, I gravitated toward tattooing as a hobby and eventually worked full time in the dermagraphics field. My tattoo handiwork has been featured hundreds of times in various internationally distributed magazines over the course of a decade.


Painting Success

In 2002 I responded to an inner urge to expand my art skills and segue into a more traditional outlet: oil painting. Within a year I was selling large paintings at regional events and began generating interest amongst a variety of art collectors ranging from the business elite to NFL stars.

My initial luck and success prompted me to pursue my new-found passion full time; now I spend between 8 to 10 hours per day honing my skills and regularly find myself working weekends as well. Twice a week I pack up a painting that is in progress and drive to the turquoise waters of the stunning Gulf of Mexico. Painting on the gorgeous beach under palm trees reaffirms my decision of moving to Tampa Bay.


High Impact Artist

I dubbed my style “High-Impact” because of my loud use of color and close-up range of most of my subject matter. My task, my mission, is to expertly render a product that forces an admirer to stop and study the details and nuances of my work. My paintings are rarely glanced at and dismissed and I challenge myself daily by asking, “is this the best you can do?” I currently find myself investing significantly more time refining a painting that even 24 months ago would have been entirely acceptable to me. Being self-taught, the process is humbling, the journey sometimes arduous, and the future nothing short of exciting, knowing
that more amazing creations are yet to be manifested.


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