These are the FINAL editions in stone and cast resin.  Joseph Rotella's representational abstract and stylized works are wrought from a classical foundation.  He studied the sculptor's craft in the studios of Piettrasanta in the famed Carrara region of Italy, whose white marble quarries have been a mecca for generations of sculptors since Michaelangelo.  At a young age he began carving wood, molding clay and painting in oils.  Later, he explored sculpting with steel and various scrap objects until he found the most solid and natural of materials - stone.


The Human Form

Today, Rotella's stone work is chiseled in marble, onyx and alabaster quarried from all over the world.  One of the compelling elements of a Rotella stone sculpture is the unusual and often rare and valuable stone he is able to locate.  Another is the sinewy lines, rounded corners and sensuous curves of his work that defy laws of balance.  In every sculpture there seems to exist a human form emerging from within with a fluidity that suggests a dimensional transformation.  Rotella's bronze work, sometimes highly polished, sometimes colored with a rich patina, similarly reflect the artist's deep understanding of form and movement.  These works, again created in unique stylized representations, set him apart from so many of his peers and distinguish his works as intensely individualistic.  


In Good Company

For this reason, his art forms have been acquired by international and national, private and corporate collectors, he has received a number of important commissions.  One of which was a study commissioned for presentation to the Pope in Rome and now resides in the Vatican Palace.

 Joseph Rotella is a man of great character, charm and humur.  He is a man of great humility; qualities that readily translate into his works.  Rotella the artist, THE SCULPTOR, has a rare creativity that drives his mind and hands with a deceptive simplicity honed from a lifetime of perfecting his craft.  It's the soul of Rotella, the man embodied in each of his works that rasies his art to a level that is truly exceptional.  That is the hallmark of a great artist.


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