Maria Saraceno

Birds and Words

Some examples of the words:
Indulge in peace and harmony
Be human today
I choose to love
Nurture essential relationships
The sentences are repeated



Teeming with life, the tropics are symbolic of chaotic and flourishing energy. The colors we infuse into our idea of tropical life are vibrant and multitudinous. The Palm Pods are variously shaped bowl-like vessels which are simultaneously decorative and functional. The palm pods are referential to the uterine vessel of the origin of human life. And in fact, in nature, palm trees generate seeds of new life in these wooden forms. These attractive forms appear delicate and leafy, though they are actually quite firm and durable, the durability enhanced by the treatment with a resin coating.


Queen Palm Pods

The pods are harvested and allowed to dry for several months of indoor storage. They are trimmed to the desired size and shape, and treated with anti-termite spray. Subsequently, they are allowed to dry one more time. They are then sanded, painted with acrylic paint, again allowed to dry, and finally covered with up to seven coats of a UV resistant two part epoxy resin, with careful fine sanding between coats. This treatment ensures a long second life for these beautiful organic forms. The resin is food safe, thus making them also functional vessels for food or snacks. The luxurious shapes and luminous colors allow these pods to become conversation pieces at social gatherings, and the uniqueness of each Tropical Pod makes them unforgettable.


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