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We are delighted here at Galleria Misto to introduce MICHEL DELGADO.

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Tim Parker

Tim Parker is best known for figurative abstracts in oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas that reflect the influence of his 20 year career in the New York high-end fashion, fragrance and cosmetic industries.



After studying art at Parsons School of Design in New York, Tim went on to earn his master’s degree. He then embarked upon a career working in New York City as an illustrator, graphic designer and creative director.  In the latter capacity, he worked in marketing, branding and advertising for high-end fashion, fragrance and cosmetic companies.  His work revolved around fashion and cosmetic images which can be seen today in his abstract figurative work.


Distinctive Style

Eventually, Tim decided to concentrate on fine art full time. Influenced by Southwest Florida's reputation as a thriving and vibrant art market, Tim relocated to Naples, FL. Parker's style involves an exploration of theinteraction between texture, expressive brush strokes, vibrant color and the human figure, and he employs this same unique approach when painting other motifs, such as landscapes, wildlife, and still life's. The net result are paintings that allow viewers to see multiple facets and dimensions in and throughout his body of work.



Michel Delgado

Growing up in Senegal, on the west coast of Africa, life and art shared the same space. They were indistinguishable. As a young boy in Dakar, I learned that art is the tool I have for a direct and honest conversation with my own heart. Art always has been my rescuer, my liberator – creatively, emotionally, spiritually. I’m a self-taught painter, able to create in any media, always painting work that is straightforward and personal, work coming from a place within me that is constantly loud and growing.


Visionary Artist

My work has been called naive. I fill my canvases with intense and basic colors, crisply painted shapes, and meticulous detail; I make work without conventional representational techniques; my work is free of metaphor, irony and paradox. I paint straightforward narratives, stories of my journey and memories of everyday experiences.

Everything I create and paint comes through my relationship with the world around me, my direct response to my fantasies, my wonder and my spiritual growth. No journey in my life remains as straightforward as painting.


Game of Life

Delgado says that we have no choice but to play the unfolding game of our lives, whether we understand the rules or not.  This is a recurring theme in Delgado’s art, a sort of yin and yang of existence; what he calls the sweet venom of living. Life bites you whether you want it to or not and the venom it injects may be poison, sugar, or both at the same time.  You have no control over this.  Delgado continually reminds us to get involved, to throw ourselves into the fray with all we have, and as a result, everything that chooses to visit us will be beautiful.

Delgado maintains that his paintings do not emanate from a singular cause or have a specific catalyst. Although he is often asked about the ideas behind his work, he insists that he doesn’t start his creative process out of a thought, concern, or intellectual design of any kind. Reality is shocking enough, according to Delgado, and the very act of experiencing what already exists is both the fuel and engine of his particular approach to painting. He does not prefer any one experience over another. In fact, he makes a strong effort not to qualify or define his encounters and values them most for the gift of awareness.


There is an energy that the mere mention of this artist’s name engenders.

Perhaps this is because energy defines who Delgado is and what he does. Delgado’s persona – self-reflective, honest, spiritual, humorous – is quietly electric: this is a man whose confidence, kindness and strength know no bounds. Delgado’s art – self-reflective, honest, spiritual, humorous – is intensely powerful: this is art that hits us first in the gut and heart, then our minds as we reflect upon Delgado’s subject or the story he is telling.

Unabashed and daring, bold and bright, Delgado’s concern about the human condition is apparent in all he paints. Tragedy, abuse, the mundane moments of everyday being, the happiness we know, the fears we keep at bay, the stories of life. Each painted with the intense energy we have come to expect of a Delgado work. An energy that literally flows off the canvas to permeate our hearts and minds.

Michele Lesko: Michel, what would you say were your artistic influences growing up?

Michel Delgado: It was my curiosity with the world surrounding me in Africa – craft, dance, farmers, musicians. All of this revealed questions to me about our purpose here. I didn’t start painting right away. At fourteen, I sewed, made bags and painted them. I painted fabric, burlap, cardboard. Unfortunately, things around me were very primitive.

Delgado is an artist through and through. He is the sum of all his experiences, embracing the good and the bad, telling his personal story through the art he creates. “For me, art is a belief. If you follow that belief, it will take you to an awesome place.” 

The first thing that hits one, when a body of Michel Delgado’s work is shown together, is the enormous fecundity of his image making. He cannot seem to avoid producing image after image in what seems a compulsive need to spew his talent out in every direction. It seemed too much of a good thing until I recalled Mae West’s observation that, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” Taken individually, each work’s fresh and compelling. Taken in large doses, Delgado’s ability to create ever new variations is overwhelming. If quantity is as important as quality in art, an observation that I firmly believe is true, then Michel Delgado must be regarded as a serious contender in the confusing miss en scene of ‘now art,’ spilling out a panoply of images with the energy of a careless profligate.

– Reese Palley
Art Historian & Author

Galleria Misto Presents...


Valorie Vogel

In 1954, city of Angels, the cosmos delivered to Earth a 3rd generation artist. Valorie’s creative spirit awakened in early childhood. From crayons and pastels she has evolved to oil and acrylic paints.

A self-taught artist, she painted signs, oil paintings, etched/stained glass and jewelry from her studio/gallery in Sunny Days Plaza, Homosassa, FL. (1978-2000)



A professional artist for 40 years, she has decorated walls with paintings and murals in a wide range of subjects.  These include landscapes, buildings, wildlife, pets, portraits, floral and fantasy.

Now, she paints from her home studio in Homosassa.  Exotic birds, figures, orchids, and tropical foliage created in a painterly style with layers of subtle beauty.


The Artist

What’s unique about how I paint?  I play music.  When it inspires me, I get up and dance. My inner wild woman takes over with sensual movements.  That’s how I generate artistic passion.

Since I’m a third-generation artist, it’s natural my imagination comes out to play. I paint to surround myself with the art I wish existed. Even as a child, I've loved the creative process of layering colors next to each other.  Purple near blue-green for instance, excites me.

Nature inspires me, especially secret pockets of paradise hidden in tropical rain-forests. I love waterfalls, rivers and oceans.  Exotic birds and orchids fascinate me endlessly.  

If my art makes you happy, too, that’s the cherry on top!

Honors & Awards

Best of Show-2015-Art Center of Citrus County, FL / 1st Place-Visual Poetry Contest-Carrollwood Cultural Center, FL / Award of Merit-1991-St. John’s River Festival, FL / Best of Show-1991 Citrus County Fair-FL  /  Award of Merit-1991- Leesburg Fine Art & Craft Festival, FL /  Award of Excellence-1991-Citrus County Festival of the Arts, FL /   Award of Distinction-Homosassa Art & Seafood Festival, FL /  First Place-1984 Homosassa Springs Art Fair, FL /  Best of Show-1983-Spring Fling-Homosassa, FL /  Purchase Awards-1979,’80,’82-Citrus County Art Center, FL

Solo Exhibition:

Galeria San Sebastian-2005- Inverness, FL


“Aurora” – Sedona Journal of Emergence- July 2001- Front Cover

Artist spotlight - Carrie Smith

Deeper Awareness


I seek to evoke a deeper awareness of the female/male gaze in Clearwater,Florida.  My paintings reflect the essence of that individual, echoing a familiarity in expression, emotion and attitude.  My portraits challenge you to look beyond the gaze, behind the flesh and question what is transpiring psychologically, beneath the surface of a woman/man’s façade.

The Artist


What started out as a childhood love of art has turned into a successful career as a full-time artist for me.  Born in Clearwater, Florida and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, I returned to Clearwater after graduating from college.

I was encouraged to pursue art as a career by a high school art teacher.  While attending Ohio University, where I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting and drawing. 

I knew this was my passion for life.



When painting, my subjects are posed facing the viewer head on to convey the impression they are looking right at you.  I use a linseed oil and liquid glazing technique that creates a smooth texture.

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