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Becky Brooks

Art has been part of my life since I was a young child. Born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, I chose a profession in Art Education, continuing to draw and paint as time allowed. In 2009, my artist husband and I moved to Spring Hill, Florida where I now paint and teach Art to children from my home based studio. 



I "see" the completed image in my mind and from there the process of completing that vision through light, color and application begins. Light and color are often exaggerated in the finished work to evoke an emotional response and connection to the imagery. When I'm applying paint to a surface, I'm in the moment and become part of the painting, and this gives me peace. I hope to convey this sense of peace to those who view my work.


Nature as Influence

In my early work, acrylic paints form the background colors while oils are used for the main imagery, but now I use strictly oils. I'm heavily influenced by my love of nature, animals, children, and my Mid-west upbringing, and paint in a realistic and narrative style. I want to engage the viewer through color, light, and through the story my work tells. 



Dick Zimmerman

Known as "The Image Maker", DICK ZIMMERMAN is considered to be the most accomplished portrait artist of the 20th century.  Zimmerman is sought after by the world’s most celebrated entertainers, dignitaries, politicians and influential personalities.  

Dick Zimmerman has been creating his masterpiece paintings for over 45 years, creating portraits for iconic figures, celebrities, CEOs, dignitaries and families throughout the world. 


The Artist

A native of New York, and a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design.  Zimmerman acquired his Bachelor of Arts degree at New York University with continued studies at The Brooklyn Museum, with contemporary fine art masters and brothers; Raphael & Moses Soyer. 

Thereafter, developed his craft in London, Milan, Rome with advanced studies at the famed Musee d'Orsay in Paris.



In 1973 Zimmerman had the rare honor of having the great artist of our time Salvador Dali and wife Gala commission a Zimmerman portrait for their 50th wedding anniversary. 
He also created the iconic portrait of Michael Jackson used for the famed "Thriller" album cover, which is still the world's largest distributed portrait in history.

Zimmerman has created hundreds of Realistic Family Portraits and commissions for Iconic Figures, such as actors Tom Cruise, Salvador Dali, Nicole Kidman, Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley, to icons such as Aaron Spelling, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, John Travolta, 

Pope Francis, Jane Fonda, Paul Newman, Michael Jackson, Margot Hemingway, William Shatner, etc... 

Zimmerman has exhibited his work world-wide as well as having had a personal invitation from President Donald Trump for an exclusive exhibition at Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach.

Exhibiting June- Aug 2019 at The Mahaffey Theater

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Examples of these wonderful portraits can be viewed at Galleria Misto and  Mr. Zimmerman will be exhibited at the Mahaffey Theater during June - Aug 2019.  If you would like a private viewing please contact the gallery.

Galleria Misto Presents...


Valorie Vogel

In 1954, city of Angels, the cosmos delivered to Earth a 3rd generation artist. Valorie’s creative spirit awakened in early childhood. From crayons and pastels she has evolved to oil and acrylic paints.

A self-taught artist, she painted signs, oil paintings, etched/stained glass and jewelry from her studio/gallery in Sunny Days Plaza, Homosassa, FL. (1978-2000)



A professional artist for 40 years, she has decorated walls with paintings and murals in a wide range of subjects.  These include landscapes, buildings, wildlife, pets, portraits, floral and fantasy.

Now, she paints from her home studio in Homosassa.  Exotic birds, figures, orchids, and tropical foliage created in a painterly style with layers of subtle beauty.


The Artist

What’s unique about how I paint?  I play music.  When it inspires me, I get up and dance. My inner wild woman takes over with sensual movements.  That’s how I generate artistic passion.

Since I’m a third-generation artist, it’s natural my imagination comes out to play. I paint to surround myself with the art I wish existed. Even as a child, I've loved the creative process of layering colors next to each other.  Purple near blue-green for instance, excites me.

Nature inspires me, especially secret pockets of paradise hidden in tropical rain-forests. I love waterfalls, rivers and oceans.  Exotic birds and orchids fascinate me endlessly.  

If my art makes you happy, too, that’s the cherry on top!

Honors & Awards

Best of Show-2015-Art Center of Citrus County, FL / 1st Place-Visual Poetry Contest-Carrollwood Cultural Center, FL / Award of Merit-1991-St. John’s River Festival, FL / Best of Show-1991 Citrus County Fair-FL  /  Award of Merit-1991- Leesburg Fine Art & Craft Festival, FL /  Award of Excellence-1991-Citrus County Festival of the Arts, FL /   Award of Distinction-Homosassa Art & Seafood Festival, FL /  First Place-1984 Homosassa Springs Art Fair, FL /  Best of Show-1983-Spring Fling-Homosassa, FL /  Purchase Awards-1979,’80,’82-Citrus County Art Center, FL

Solo Exhibition:

Galeria San Sebastian-2005- Inverness, FL


“Aurora” – Sedona Journal of Emergence- July 2001- Front Cover

Artist spotlight - Carrie Smith

Deeper Awareness


I seek to evoke a deeper awareness of the female/male gaze in Clearwater,Florida.  My paintings reflect the essence of that individual, echoing a familiarity in expression, emotion and attitude.  My portraits challenge you to look beyond the gaze, behind the flesh and question what is transpiring psychologically, beneath the surface of a woman/man’s façade.

The Artist


What started out as a childhood love of art has turned into a successful career as a full-time artist for me.  Born in Clearwater, Florida and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, I returned to Clearwater after graduating from college.

I was encouraged to pursue art as a career by a high school art teacher.  While attending Ohio University, where I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting and drawing. 

I knew this was my passion for life.



When painting, my subjects are posed facing the viewer head on to convey the impression they are looking right at you.  I use a linseed oil and liquid glazing technique that creates a smooth texture.

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