Patricia Armato was born and raised in the Chicago area, and studied at the Chicago Art Institute, the American Academy of Art, Mundelein college, and the Ogunquit School of Painting.

Thinking about what it means to me to have the opportunity to sculpt, it is so difficult to explain in words the happiness, frustration, fulfillment, passion and the challenge to my essential being.

When I work in stone, most of my pieces are mentally finished before I start carving to shape the forms. Sometimes I will work from a drawing or small maquette. I only work with a hammer and chisel, never pneumatic tools, and then finish the piece with rasps, sandpaper and marble polish.



 "At base, she is a chronicler of the feminine spirit, a child of sculptural tradition, an artist in lifelong conversation with stone."
Victor M. Cassidy, Koehnline Museum of Art

"Carved with mallet and chisel in alabaster and steatite--even her bronze castings derive from her stone work--these elegantly finished shapes cry out to be touched, inviting the hand as well as the eye."
TOSCA Magazine

"Ms Armato is an artist who can say a great deal through simple and elegant means. The natural quality of these sculptures is reinforced by the fact that they are composed from natural materials... Therefore, there is a direct link back from Ms. Armato's sculptures to their original source in nature."
Art Acquisitor

"Many of Armato's pieces reveal a transcendant focus where stone and inspiration meet; and one can discern a personal iconography."


Artist Comment

Communication is such an important part of the artist in creating a visual sense as well as stimulating the viewer's tactile reflexes.


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