Patrick Stickney

 After years of managing creative departments at advertising agencies, in Western New York and North Carolina, Stickney started his own successful agency in Buffalo, New York servicing national and regional clients with marketing and creative media.  He closed the agency in 2003 and became a teacher in Fine Art, Art History and History.


Always an Artist

Stickney has been a creative director, art director, illustrator, copywriter, broadcast creator, producer and agency president – winning numerous national and regional awards for creative works in print and television.   

Always an artist – in 2000 he became more deeply involved in Fine Art and his paintings and drawings were embraced by galleries in New York City, Buffalo, Los Angeles and Florida venues. His artworks have been featured in the Buffalo News, Tampa Bay Magazine, Tampa Bay Times and other publications.


Dreams, Meditations & Myths

Stickney's artworks display a strong emphasis on dream images, personal visions and human emotions.  Stylistically his art shows expressionistic/surrealistic influences.  Stickney’s art exhibits have been appropriately titled “Dreams, Meditations and Myths.”


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