Ria Ray is committed to serving individual and global consciousness. As we live our true selves, we contribute to the greatness and possibility of humanity.
Born in Trinidad and Tobago of Indian descent, Ria's family emigrated to the U.S. when she was six. She grew up in the Washington D.C. area.When Ria was twenty-seven working in the fashion industry in New York, tragedy struck: her entire immediate family-her father, mother, sister, brother and uncle-died in their home of carbon monoxide poisoning.“Truth is not a theory or philosophy, nor does it arrive from the intellect. Truth is an individual experience that evolves with time and involves participation within.” 

The shock, horror and mystery of this profound misfortune compelled Ria to seek her purpose. She was moved to study and practice healing and create fine art. 


The Healer

"The void inside was infinite, and yet all I craved to do was give back. I was determined to find what was meant to fill the void not only in myself but in others who struggled with high levels of pain," she explains. As a healer, she teaches that each individual's exploration and acceptance of his or her true self is the way into a peaceful and harmonized life.Ria's healing process helps each individual find and live what is meaningful to him or her.  We each hold the ability to heal our self and to use that sacred energy to transform our life to be peaceful, balanced and inspired. 

Through Ria's unyielding drive to learn and without premeditation, she began to paint on canvas. She says, "Painting was instantaneously a passage into my soul. 


The Artist

Creativity is the way into individual divine expression and is purely a way of life. It's how we can choose to move through the world-in a state of grace."Her work in healing and on canvas inspires and compels us to experience the depth within. Her work is a constant reminder to let go of fears and pre-conceived notions and stay the course of love-self-love and love for others. As we practice awareness and realize that all things to use that sacred energy to transform our life to be peaceful, balanced and inspired. 

Her insatiable drive to inspire led Ria to develop and design a lifestyle product line. Each product serves as a tangible reminder of her teachings.Ria Ray is married with two children; she lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Ria Ray on Canvas

On canvas Ria Ray creates with mixed media including acrylics, paper, photographs, found objects and poetry. The steadfast pull of the  collective soul ignites and informs all of her work. Characterized by bold fields of color and organically textured areas that glimmer with flashes of light, Ria's abstract paintings are fine art and also serve as talismans for diving deeper into consciousness. The subtle, mysterious glow that suffuses her images facilitates the exploration of hopes, dreams and imagination.

Ria fuses color, light, texture and depth to create art that inspires inquiry, compassion and acceptance. Her abstract images are suffused with brave hues and vulnerable shadows, reminding us that true representations of the searching mind and heart must always include hints of uncertainty. "The way in which life is lived is art. Walking though life with the humility to learn and the courage to change when needed is the purest form of art," Ria says.

Ria's pieces hang on the walls of private collectors, Fortune 500 corporations, and offices throughout the entertainment industry. Her art has been exhibited in galleries at UCLA and in Santa Monica, Venice and Beverly Hills.

The Mantra


by Ria Ray

Hand Made Candle - Large 

light and ignite your true self. you are the answer.

Ria Ray's candles promote relaxation and create a tranquil mood, helping you ignite your inner wisdom. Each elegant, hand-poured soy candle features an uplifting scent and a Ria Ray mantra, a sacred phrase or action that teaches love. Slow down and take time to breathe in the mantra, increasing calm and positivity and releasing stress and negativity.

50 plus hours of burn time

allow. humility is power. Grapefruit Jasmine Petals

breathe. self-love is peace. Green Tea

love. strength is clarity. Bergamot Rose Petals

dream. creativity is trust. Pomegranate

truth. patience is love. Peony Orange Blossom

beauty.  acceptance is faith. Gardenia

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Ria Ray - Small CandleHand Made Candle  Small light and ignite your true self. look within and inspire kindness.

Ria Ray's small hand-poured soy candles promote calm and well-being. Each one symbolizes a significant quality of life. Beautiful alone or together. Create a community of your favorite equations and scents by mixing any of the three scent + mantra combinations.

strength + truth = power: sandalwood, sage, rose

light + intimacy = love: blood orange, tangerine, guava

sacred + humility = grace: bamboo, cassis, jasmine petals

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Ria Ray - Be Grateful Ties Bracelet - One Size

Give thanks and experience love. be grateful every day. life is a gift and a blessing.

A one-of-a-kind, hand-painted cocoa bead is strung on a waxed linen cord. Ria Ray paints each individual cocoa bead, cultivating energy and healing qualities that transcend to those who wear them. As each be grateful tie is unique, their proceeds benefit several unique children’s charities.

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Ria Ray - Mantra CardsMantra Cards - Box Sets love is a daily discipline. reconnect to who you are and trust what is real inside.

Ria Ray mantra cards will help you uncover and maintain your true self. Each card is inscribed with a sacred word, phrase or action that teaches love. The mantra cards will help you embrace new perspectives, cultivate balance, deepen love, stay on path and resolve conflict. Mantra cards can be used as a slow meditation or on the go.

Deck of 70 cards and instructions for use

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Ria Ray - Mantra TiesBracelet - One Size remember your truth and embrace your power. create a world of beauty and a peaceful humanity.

Wear Ria Ray mantra ties / mantra bracelets around your wrist in sterling silver and gray silk and keep your promises close every day. The delicate ties serve as a cherished reminder of the power you hold to create positive change.

i promise to love.

truth. patience is love.

love. strength is clarity.

dream. creativity is trust.

beauty. acceptance is faith.

breathe. self-love is peace.

allow. humility is power.

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Ria Ray - Book

Ria Ray Book be an instrument of beauty. you can't describe the indescribable, but you can trust it.

Ria Ray’s book, “create. humanity is beauty,” is a window into her work as a spiritual teacher and artist. Each page consists of a mantra, sacred writing, message or poem—an active meditation that teaches self-love.

The book is intended to be used to serve the greatness of humanity. Read it in a sitting, or close your eyes and open to a page.


Please contact the gallery for any additional information on any of the artists here or indeed if you have a special request.  We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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